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MD Fusion is software designed with the busy practice and dentist in mind. Our cloud-based, HIPAA compliant platform brings true efficiency to dental sleep workflow by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface, and industry-leading security


End-to-End Software Solution

Our software is revolutionary as it is designed to help dentists properly document in order to meet medical billing and compliance standards. It will significantly reduce risk and time associated with charting on dental sleep cases. It is also conveniently integrated with our billing services to provide a comprehensive solution for all dental sleep documentation and billing needs.

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Key Features:

• NO set-up fees
• NO long-term contracts
• Self-service, intuitive software that requires minimal training
• Cloud-based technology so you can access it anywhere - No downloading!
• Clinical chart templates and automated note generation to increase efficiency
• Workflow designed to provide compliant documentation required by payers and Medicare
• Visit-based system with robust screening and test tracking features (e.g. graphing sleep studies and related tests to track treatment progress)
• Integration with dental practice management software
• Alliances with other industry partners to expedite case management
• Secure online consultations with patients and referring physicians
• HIPAA compliant, military grade security
• Integrates with Lyon Medical Billing services for online VOBs,
•Pre-Authorizations, and Claim Requests

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Running your dental sleep practice shouldn’t take up the majority of your time—your patients should. MD Fusion offers you the solutions you need to optimize your dental sleep practice.

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